AD域某个用户每天都被锁 RRS feed

  • 问题

  • ACTOOLS 不能用?  闪一下就没有了,只显示以下信息。请问还有什么方法可以查到用户被锁的原因

    AD 为window 2008 R2

    用户机为 WIN 7 

    Finding all events reguardless of date or time.
    Event IDs:   529 644 675 676 681
    No Event Text specified.
    No Event Source specified.
    No Between Event IDs specified.
    Will Search the following servers:
    To find these events we'll need a search running. It has already begun....
    Spawning Thread for: CHN1NTDC01
    Thread Running for: CHN1NTDC01
    All threads Scheduled to run are running.
    Exiting thread for: CHN1NTDC01
    Total events searched: 0
    Total matches found: 0
    Servers/Logs Searched: 1
    DLL Cache Contained: 0
    SID Cache Contained: 0
    Start time: Tue Jun 03 15:29:29 2014 
    Finish time: Tue Jun 03 15:29:29 2014 
    True records per second: 0.00

    2014年6月3日 8:15