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  • 昨天我在工作的时候,老板叫我过去,说有名员工不能查看report了。
    我实际测试了一下,确实是这么个情况,之后我检查了该用户权限的问题,他隶属administrator commercial用户组的,权限大部分都有,特别是report里面,我修改了读取的权限最高的绿色圆球,但是还是不行。
    之后我新建了一个用户,这个用户为administrator system用户组的成员,之后我经过测试发现一样不能读取report,我在想是不是SQL里面没有这个用户或者没有权限呢?
    2009年5月6日 7:43


  • 因为那份report是管理员创建,并没有共享给别的用户,也就是说别的用户没有权限read。
    用administator登陆,选择你要共享的report而后点more actions--sharing--add user/TEAM 在里面添加用户和修改权限

    我试过这个方法 好像还是不起作用 我在网上查到好像是因为AD域里面的登录名字和CRM里面的登录名字不一样照成的

    One of our users cannot run any of the reports at all. He can see the list of the reports in CRM, but running any of them will give him blank results, not even any error messages. As an example, when he tries to run a report that shows his information, the report shows blank, while other users, who has the same exact user permission as his, can view their reports fine. He is already a member of the SQL Reporting group. He basically can use any of the CRM functions except running the report.

    Turned out the user's domain name on the CRM is different from his domain name in the Active Directory. This user has an extremely long last name and his boss cut his last name in order to be fit as an Domain Name; however, he cut the name differently for CRM and AD. After we fixed his CRM Domain Name, everything works again.

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