How VsShell can monitor which toolwindow is show or active? RRS feed

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  • in my VS shell application, I use a third party vspackage which include a toolwindowpane(window1).  I want to active Property window when the third party window1 is show.  it means when the window1 is shown, show the propertywindow at the same time.
    I know the how to active property window:  dte.Windows.Item(EnvDTE.Constants.vsWindowKindProperties).Activate();

    but I don't know when to write above code and how to monitor the window1 is showing.

    I have no code for the third party vspackage code, and only know the guid of the Package and window1.

    Is there some event in VSShell that I can monitor window1 is showing and then active propertywindow?

    2013年1月11日 6:06