在VMware环境里,微软的操作系统和SQL Server数据库, Disk queue length是否可以用来判断磁盘IO有问题 RRS feed

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  • 在VMware环境里,微软的操作系统和SQL Server数据库, Disk queue length是否可以用来判断磁盘IO有问题,谢谢!

    How to define Disk IO performance issue for MSSQL in Vmware env

    Disk queue length is still applicable to define the Disk IO performance issue?

    在微软论坛里找到了如下信息,说DISK Queue Length 在有存储的SAN环境,不能用来判断DISK IO是否有瓶颈,请参考。

    To use the Disk Queue Length counter, you must know on how many spindles your disk is using.  In case of a SAN, it's really hard to know this.
    What i would suggest you is to use the counters
    \logicaldisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Read
    \logicaldisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Write
    Those counters will give you the time it takes to complete a read or a write on disk.
    The thresholds are
    Less than 15ms --> Ok
    More than 15ms --> you may have performance issues
    More than 25ms --> You have performance issues
    2021年8月5日 7:04