Is there a way to specifcy day of the week (Sunday) to install updates? RRS feed

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  • We are IT consultants that manage small to medium businesses, the vast majority of which are 5-20 users and do not use a Windows Server (online apps, storage, etc....just not required).

    In the past we have always configured maintenance (updates as well as automated scripts, etc.) so it would not interfere with the work week and in the majority of cases reboots would be automated over the weekend and not require user interaction.

    Does Microsoft have any plans to add a "Day of the Week" option like the option available in all previous versions of Windows?  Deferring updates is a good start and is built into the interface in 1709 but I still cannot find anything to specify a date, only active hours and deferral.


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  • Anyone have feedback on this?


    2018年1月19日 4:19
  •   This is a user forum, not Microsoft developers. We would have no more idea than you what Microsoft might or might not do in the future.

      You could forward this as a suggestion using the feedback hub.


    2018年1月19日 4:56
  • Thank you very much Carey.  Not quite as helpful and entertaining as Bill's response but if this works it is exactly what I am looking for.  Any idea where this is configured in the registry?
    2018年1月19日 6:01
  • You can configuring active hours through Registry:

    HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate use SetActiveHours to enable or disable active hours and ActiveHoursStart,ActiveHoursEnd to specify the range of active hours.

    However, the best option is configuring it via the Group Policy:

    Manage device restarts after updates


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  • 2018年1月20日 8:30
  • Not sure if this has been resolved, however I believe the local policy key you're looking for (to set a specific day of the week as update day) is:

    Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows components > Windows Update >Configure Automatic Updates (or the GP equivalent)

    By default this key is Not configured.  If you enable it a whole suite of options will be available to you, including schedule day of the week:

    You can configure time here as well - it's hidden by the drop down menu in the screenshot.

    Hope this helps.  Give me a vote if it does.  I think I have like zero points :D



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