"Windows SharePoint Services Help Search"是做什么的? RRS feed


  • “Office SharePoint Server 2007” provides two search services: “Office SharePoint Server Search” and “Windows SharePoint Services Help Search”. Each of these services can be used to crawl, index, and query content, and each service uses a separate index.

    The “Office SharePoint Server Search” service is based on the search service that is provided with earlier versions of “SharePoint Products & Technologies”, but with many improvements. You should use the “Office SharePoint Server Search” service to crawl and index all content that you want to be searchable (other than the Help system).

    The “Windows SharePoint Services Help Search” service is the same service provided by “Windows SharePoint Services 3.0”, although in “Windows SharePoint Services 3.0” it is called the “Windows SharePoint Services Search” service. “Windows SharePoint Services 3.0” uses this service to index site content, index “Help” content, and service queries.

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