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  • Hi, i have a Windows2008 R2 domain server with 3 DHCP scopes.

    Sometimes one of 3 scopes does not work(Client can not get IP address from DHCP server), other 2 scopes works fine.

    And i have try following actions.

    a. Auto update security patches from Microsoft website  ---- Same.

    b. Delete that scope and re-add ---- Same.

    c. when problem happened, restart DHCP service not effective, must reboot server, but next time that NG scope still has this phenomenon. ---- Same.

    d. Now retry removing DHCP role, reconfig DHCP role. --- On going......

    Could you help me?

    Thanks so much.

    2012年8月19日 7:04


  • Hi,

    Can you check if there is any error event which relate with DHCP service in events log ? especially check if Event ID 1051 recorded .

    Please post the ID and discription here for further investigation.


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    2012年8月20日 1:58