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    We spend much effort to increase the hands-on lab capacity this year.  We have 3 rooms with 42 sessions.  Let us how you like them
    2008年10月3日 9:48



    That's cool!
    2008年10月3日 17:56

    Cool... sometimes we are difficult to find a place if the lab. I think it will be good for us to have more choice!


    2008年10月4日 7:55
  • Hi Jacky,


    me too...Any map provide to us ?


    2008年10月8日 3:36

    no seat for me, please more seat next year!
    2008年10月8日 5:09
  • I think the hands-on Lab - limit the seat and time is too short that is not good !!!!


    2008年10月8日 8:28
  • I think the hands-on Lab is good, but insufficient seat...


    2008年10月8日 9:35
  • waste time to queue up the hands-on lab.........


    2008年10月8日 9:56
  • I think the 45 minute session at 16:45 is too short. 

    I only attended one HOL today but by the time the speaker finished introducing the subject we were left with less than 20 minutes to complete the session. 
    2008年10月8日 15:07
  • There seems have few lab for Windows Clients, Also there have some difficulty for someone who is on supporting users (helpdesk) do goes to those lab...


    But more sessions can give us more choice, that is definately one of the good things.

    2008年10月8日 15:18
  • I really like the lab session. It really helps me to understand the concept presented.

    However, even though I manage to finish all exercises there is not enough time to digest the details. Do you think there is any way to get the lab materials, I mean the scripts. (I attended HOL123)


    2008年10月9日 1:33

    The duration is a bit short and I wish there were more English speaking labs.
    2008年10月9日 4:49