Cannot delete emails RRS feed

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    Some of the emails send to Win Mail or Outlook in Window Vista Business.


    The emails were deleted to the Trash Folder or Junk Mail folder.  But if I want to really further delete and erase them, It cannot do so. Error message popped out.  The content for those emails are blank.


    What is wrong and how to get those emails deleted.


    many thanks.

    2008年10月13日 8:19


  • Hi Joe,

    Could you check after u delete the email, can u still read the contain of the email through the Trash Folder?

    Maybe you can try to rebuild your mail box:
    Here it is the instruction about how to rebuild the mail box:

    Method 1: Rebuild the message store of Windows Mail

    To rebuild the storage area of Windows area and reset completely, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, and then type the location of messages into the Start Search box. To confirm the location of messages, follow these steps:
    a. Start Windows Mail.
    b. Click Tools, and then click Options.
    c. In the Option dialog box, click the Advanced tab, and then click the Maintenance button.
    d. In the Maintenance dialog box, click the Store Folder button.
    e. In the Store Location dialog box, right-click Your personal message store is located in the following folder, and then click Select All.
    f. When you select the strings, right-click Your personal message store is located in the following folder, and then click Copy.
    g. Click Cancel or Close to close all the dialog boxes.
    h. Close Windows Mail.
    2. Right-click the Start Search box, and click Paste and then press ENTER.
    3. In the opened folder, right-click the WindowsMail.MSMessageStore file, and then press DELETE.
    4. Open the Backup folder and the New folder.
    5. Press CTRL+A to select all files, and then press DELETE.
    6. Close all folders.
    7. Start Windows Mail to rebuild the message store database.
    After you restart Windows Mail, the message store file is sucessfully repaired.

    Method 2: Rebuild the Windows Mail folder

    If rebuilding the database does not resolve the issue, follow these steps to rebuild the Windows Mail folder:
    1. Close Windows Mail.
    2. Confirm and copy Store Location of Windows Mail. To confirm Store Location, see Step 1 in “Method 1: Rebuild the message store of Windows Mail” that described above.
    3. Click Start and paste the location path that found in Store Location of Windows Mail, place the cursor at the end of the pasted strings, and then press the Backspace key to delete the following strings.

    Windows Mail
    Notice that the default Windows Mail folder is located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsMail.
    4. Press Enter and open the folder.
    5. Right-click the Windows Mail folder, and then click Rename.
    6. Input old at the end of the folder name and change the folder name as below.

    Windows Mailold
    7. Start Windows Mail, confirm the Windows Mail folder is automatically created, and then close Windows Mail.

    Note If new Windows Mail folder is compressed, you need to uncompress this folder.
    8. Double-click the Windows Mailold folder used in Step 6 and open the folder.
    9. Double-click Local Folder and copy the following file and paste the file into Local Folder in the new Windows Mail folder.


    Notice that xxxxxxxxxxxxx will be the numbers or alphabets.
    10. If the following folders exist in the Windows Mailold folder, copy each folder into the new Windows Mail folder.
    Stationery folder
    Microsoft Community folder
    11. Close all folders and import messages in Windows Mail. To import message, use the following steps:
    a. Start Windows Mail.
    b. Click File, point to Import, and then click Message.
    c. Click Microsoft Windows Mail 7 in Select Program, and click Next.
    d. Press Browse, select the location of Windows Mailold folder in Step 6, and then click Next.
    e. Click All folders in Select the folder, and click Next.
    f. Click Complete, and then the messages will be imported to Imported Folder.
    12. Save the messages in the previous Inbox that imported to Imported Folder in Local Folder. You can select to move any messages from Inbox to each folder.

    For more information please read the URL below.

    Hope this can help.
    2008年10月13日 20:20