Cannot "Run As" after install Windows Server 2003 SP2 AdminPak.msi RRS feed

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    When I installed Windows Server 2003 SP2 AdminPak.msi into my Vista PC, I cannot use "Run As" command as AD administrator when I right click the AD users and computer.  It did not ask me the admin password.  Just running the MMC with normal user rights.  What can I do ?
    2009年1月2日 8:12



  • Can other porgrams run as "Admin"? And please check "Secondary Logon" in "Services" console is it started.


    BTW, you can use command prompt to run MMC and snap-ins "Admin Pack" to run as Administrator mode:-


    - open "Command Prompt"

    - type "runas /user:XXX Domain\Administrator MMC"

    2009年1月5日 3:26
  • Seem no, when I right click any other program, it shows me "Run as administrator" only.  As I remember it will pop up a windows let me choose which domain I logon to ?????


    Yes, the services already started.


    Command line is OK.  Many thanks !  But don't know why I cannot open it through GUI.

    I'm logon to normal domain user.


    2009年1月5日 6:15
  • Try to press Shift and then right click.

    2009年1月6日 5:58
  • It just shows me "Run as administrator" only.  Not allow me choose another user to logon.

    2009年1月6日 6:24