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  • Hello,


    Urgent !!


    I had using the Windows Easy Transfer to migrate a XP Pro user account to Vista successfully. But.....the Outlook Express mail database (.dbx) have around 300GB. After migrated to Windows Vista Ultima, Windows Mail. Everything is ok, include Mail accounts and setting, address book, rules and all email.


    (Question 1.)

    But the Windows Mail is seems hang when send / receive email via pop and smtp. It take very long time to check email on the server. I have tried to create another account and send/receive email is ok. Just this account not ok.


    So another upgrade needs.


    (Question 2.)

    I upgrade email from Windows Mail to Outlook 2007, but, the mailbox size is around 300GB, OL 2007 just important the first 20GB email and then stopped.


    Any good method to migrate >20GB mailbox from Windows Mial to OL 2007 ?

    Does any have good suggest to migrate large mailbox like this enviroment ?


    Thanks All.
    2008年8月5日 8:31


  • 300Gb for a single file, no matter it is Vista or WinXP, it will slow down the application that is working on this file.

    I think you better open from Windows mail(as you said it could open the mail without any problem, just slow or seems a bit hang).

    Then you create many folder, put difference mail into difference folder, each folder will be one file. By doing this, it is better and it will making the mails from a single 300Gb file into several smaller (may be 2Gb or less) files.


    2008年9月9日 2:36