SQL Server Setup failure "Error code 0x84B40000"


  • We have login the VLSC page and downloaded the SQL Server Standard 2008 R2 and then tried to install it in a new server, however we encountered an error during the installation process at the startup. The error message is “The SQL Server product key is not valid. To proceed, re-enter the product key values from the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or SQL Server packaging. Error code 0x84B40000."    We have also tried to download the 180-days trail version to install in this computer, the installation process is successful, so anyone has encountered this problem before?

    Many thanks!


    2011年11月15日 2:49


  • Did you purchase it? Should have key if you did, just put that key in when installation asks for.
    2011年11月15日 13:55
  • Of course I have purchased it and I have called the technical support hotline and email to the VLSC support, they replied me that they cannot help me - -".

    As I know, the key is embedded in the SQL 2008, so we don't need to enter any key during the installation process.


    2011年11月16日 0:54
  • But doesn't like that's the case, vendor should provide support.
    2011年11月16日 1:56