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  • The environment is good and pleasant and i also appreciate the wifi lounge.

    2008年10月9日 4:23


  • That's right .


    Good services for ppl to attend seminor and doing their job


    2008年10月9日 4:35
  • The wifi lounge is cool. I love the bean bag! Smile

    2008年10月9日 4:50
  • A little bit crowded this year, and this showed the event will be of great success this year. Hope next year will have a bigger environment. Cheers!!


    2008年10月9日 5:11
  • It's better than last year. As I remember, there were no free access laptop for us last year.


    2008年10月9日 5:22
  • But still would be grateful for some extra spaces to sit down ... the lounge is full of people.


    Would propose to add some tables and chair at the end of 4th floor hall.


    2008年10月9日 6:19

    Liked to see their is a Wifi usage and some quite space to relax.
    2008年10月9日 7:26
  • The wifi is cool for my iphone!

    2008年10月9日 8:31