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    Dear all,


    We got a problem on Excel when saving a file. When the user save a file and it shows that "Document Saved successfully. Cannot reopen the saved document due to low memory. Please close the document". However, the machines is new build and have 2G of memory.


    The system is running on Windows XP SP3 and Office 2000 SP3. Could you please share if there have any light?




    2009年1月7日 4:01



  • Hi, Jacky,


    What is the size for the Excel file?  What is the hard disk size?  Will it cause from out of HDD space?


    My experience is that hard disk space and computer virus will also the cause for that.


    Hope it can help.


    2009年1月7日 13:04
  • Hi Andy,


    The hard disk have more than 20 GB space. The harddisk is 80GB and the excel file size is not too big as well.


    2009年1月9日 13:42
  • Hi, Jacky,


    I cannot find a KB which exact same as the error message, but I have found another KB that related to Office 2K memory issue, I think you can try and it may help.




    Hope it can help. 


    2009年1月9日 15:18
  • Please have a look on the follow KB,


    "File Already Exists" or "Low Memory" Errors Appear When Saving



    2009年1月12日 6:21