How Opening Show today? RRS feed


  • I think it is a little bit too long.   The speaker should keep it short.



    2008年10月8日 3:42
  • Happy to meet many old friends today in the event.



    2008年10月8日 4:03
  • the place is big and many floors but the helpers are very helpful


    2008年10月8日 4:39

    Yes, Agree
    2008年10月8日 4:58
  • As I feel that the opening keynote is longer than last year, if the time can change to be end at around 11:00 is better.


    2008年10月8日 5:11
  • It was quite good.

    Quite informative. But I think the speaker should've kept it a little bit shorter


    2008年10月8日 5:46
  • Yeah, excellent opening!



    2008年10月8日 6:17
  • it's a great event

    - Patrick Choi   TE032182P


    2008年10月8日 6:17
  • The surface is quite good.

    Samuel Lam TE031751P

    2008年10月8日 6:22
  • that surface is nice, is it running windows??

    2008年10月8日 7:06
  • It is great, especially, seeing the final product of the Surface desktop at the scene.

    2008年10月8日 7:19

    This is great, especially the demo of the touch screen technology!
    2008年10月8日 7:29
  • So far so good


    2008年10月8日 7:32
  • nice....not bad!!!


    2008年10月8日 7:42
  • It is great, keynotes is impressive (especially the first view of MS surface). But it is longer than the past years.



    2008年10月8日 15:27
  • A little longer, but very interesting in the demo.


    2008年10月9日 1:22
  • Great.

    Thanks a lot.


    2008年10月9日 1:26
  • Honestly, I am afraid it is not as exciting as last year.

    It seems less innovative and inspiring new stuffs have been shown in the opening keynote.

    Coz, there is no longer closing keynote, isn't it?

    I do feel they are one of the most important shows in TechEd.

    Hope that the closing keynote will come back next year.

    2008年10月9日 1:27
  • It's great opening.  There are effective demos to show the powerful features.  Surface demo with pretty girl is impressive too.
    2008年10月9日 1:39
  • It is good!


    2008年10月9日 2:14
  • So Great, the demo of MS Surface but too short


    2008年10月9日 2:32
  • It's Great


    2008年10月9日 2:57
  • Hi all, we will show Surface again at the Chalk Talk in Day 2 and I will stay there for the rest of Day 2. Please come to 6/F and get hands on yourself anytime in Day 2 afternoon. I'll be there to chat with you. Thanks.

    2008年10月9日 3:52