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  • Hi there,

    My user using Office 07 and XP, she found that when she use chungji (倉頡) input, I can't show anythink. And she use new chungji (新倉頡), it's ok....... and it only happen in excel, word is normal with both chinese input. what can I do if user "ONLY WISH" to use chungji in excel 07?

    On the other hand, the old chungji (倉頡) input can use a "*" between the Head and Tail code. We can use it as the quick "速成" chinese input. How can i use it in the new chungji (新倉頡)?

    2010年5月18日 9:05


  • Tried * with Old Changji and New Changji is OK~~~

    Same for both, but cannot use NumberPad "*"

    You are Win7 users or XP? or Vista?


    And about Office2k7 Excel and Officexp Excel

    Tried with Office2k7, it is OK~~~, but no Officexp Excel on hand...

    So..., cannot try for u~~~




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    2010年5月26日 3:02