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  • A new Certification type released after MCTS, MCITP, MCPD. It is MCMaster/MCM.



    Microsoft Certification Structure

    • Technology Series: Specialist certifications train IT pros in implementation, building, troubleshooting, and debugging of a specific Microsoft technology.
    • Professional Series: Professional credentials validate the skill set required for a particular job.
    • Master Series: Master certifications identify individuals with the deepest technical skills available on a particular Microsoft product.
    • Architect Series: The Certified Architect program enables companies to easily identify experienced IT architects that have completed a rigorous peer review process.



    2008年6月11日 8:11



  • Thanks for your info Ken. Do you know are there any "new" exam for the new Master series?

    2008年6月12日 1:48
  • There is no existing exam for the new Master Series yet, not even beta.


    2008年6月12日 1:51
  • No worry ... more details will be announced in July ... As I know, you need to take a training in US and having some exam including written and lab test

    2008年6月18日 3:07
  • Is there any free exam/assessment that I can take, to gain some qualification?
    2008年6月18日 7:50

    Hi, no free exam/assessment available. You are required to pay the exam fee when taking the Microsoft Certification.


    2008年6月18日 15:44

    As i know, the pricing for the Master Certification Training is very high(USD 1xxxx). And it should be a 3 weeks Training @ Redmond.
    2008年6月20日 3:32

    over USD1xxxx, where is the information come from? Are you tlking about the MCA cert?

    2008年6月20日 4:59
  •  RichardWu wrote:


    over USD1xxxx, where is the information come from? Are you tlking about the MCA cert?


  • Microsoft Certified Master
    • 3 weeks of mandatory training
      • One 2-week block, one 1-week block (can choose to consume all together or not)
    • Core technical content / sessions
    • ‘Written’ exams
    • Qualification Lab Test

    All the training will be at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington for the next year but following that they will be starting WORLDWIDE deliveries!


    What will it cost?

    • Pricing
      • Package: $18,500
        • 3 weeks of training
        • 3 written tests
        • 1 Qualification Lab
      • Retakes
        • Written tests: $250 each
        • Lab Test: $1,500
2008年6月20日 12:39
  • $18,500 is USD?


    If so...need near HK$150000........... no such $$$


    MS certification is becoming a "rich man game" now....

    2008年6月22日 16:42
  • $150,000HKD, that's cool!

    I'm thinking if this will be more valuable than a "Masters" degree.

    2008年6月27日 15:27
  • Oh! More expensive, Forget it.


    2008年7月25日 17:46

    2008年10月3日 17:56