Urgent - MYSQL 2008, DB in Recoverying progress RRS feed

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  • 您好,sql 2008 数据库再停止重启后,自动进入的Recovery 模式,没办法使用了。

    请问,有什么办法能尽快恢复或者将状态调整为ONLINE 模式?

    在线等··· 急急···急急···急急···急急···急急···急急···

    Thanks everybody....

    2013年10月22日 3:35


  • Check sql server log, it shows percentage completed of db recovery that gives you idea how long recovery may take. Cause of long recovery period is that there's big uncommitted transaction running while restart sql, sql has to rollback that transaction before putting db online.
    2013年10月22日 12:54