Customize the right of the XP SP3 / 2000 SP4 workstation local user group. RRS feed

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  • Hello, Sir / Madam,

    As we know that XP/ 2000 wks have pre-defined local group like Administrators, Backup Operators, Power Users..etc. We would like to know whether we can customize the right of the workstation local user group (edit existing local group or create a new local group with specific certain rights combine with different local rights).

    For example, local user right have highly restricted for the PC access, the power user right have the control of installing some kinds of software. Administrators have all-over control of the PC. We want to create a group which nature between local user and power user, how can we do that?

    Our environment including Window 2008 R2 AD Domain controller, can we do that through group policy to customize the local PC user right after our user joined the domain? 

    Really thanks for your help!!

    2010年9月29日 2:35