MSCRM 2011 Ribbon discolored but not disabled


  • In few of the forms I have noticed that the ribbon (say for a related entity)...becomes grey in color as if it's disabled but then i can click on it and perform the needed tasks...I believe some javascript code must have done the damage... but can't really figure it how...Need help guys...

    2012年2月25日 12:07


  • can you explain more. You mean ribbon is always disabled and still you can perform actions?

    Maninder jit Singh Dhaliwal

    2012年2月26日 2:00
  • Yes for some of the pages this is what happens.

    The ribbon looks as if it was disabled (grey in color) but still i can click on them and perform the actions.

    2012年2月27日 7:32
  • Any clues?
    2012年2月29日 18:48
  • It happened to me a couple of times when the JavaScript library loaded for the Custom Rule in Enable/Disable Ribbon buttons has some syntax error.

    Can you check the JavaScript codes especially those which are related with Ribbon Button Custom Rule, OnClick event, etc.?

    2012年3月1日 13:49