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    Hi all,


    I know Windows Vista has built in support for HKSCS-2004, But I found the HK Supplementary character set canot be shown in Visual basic 6 IDE, the characters will be shown in "?". I need to display some HK characters in an application written in VB6 on Windows Vista platform, anybody can help, thanks!








    2008年11月6日 6:36



  • Hi Gary,

    Are you using English Edition of Windows?

    Maybe you can try to change your "Regional and Language Option"'s setting.
    for "Language for non-Unicode Program" to "Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)"

    Hope it can help.

    2008年11月6日 8:35

    Hi, Chi,


    Thank you for your suggestion! The setting of "Regional and Language Option" for "Language for non-Unicode Program" has already been set to "Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R) and the problem is still existed. Another softwares such as Word, Excel or VB 2008 can display the corrected characters. I have installed VB 6 with SP6, I suspect the problem come from VB 6. Do you have any other suggestions?






    2008年11月7日 3:10
  • Can i make a suggestion here.

    This might be useful.



    2008年11月15日 21:14