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  • Hi


    If I opened Form2 from within Form1, see example code below:


    Dim Frm As New Form2

    If Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK = Frm.ShowDialog() Then




    End If


    Form2 is then closed (with Me.Closed in Form2), is it neccessary to have this code as shown below?


    Frm = Nothing









    2008年10月9日 10:07


  • Hi Larry,

    I think you need to use the code
    Frm.Dispose() or Frm = Nothing
    to mark all the form;s controls for garbage collection, as you are using ShowDialog to display you Form2

    Please read the URL below.
    According to the Microsoft website said:

    When a form is closed, all resources created within the object are closed and the form is disposed. You can prevent the closing of a form at run time by handling the Closing event and setting the Cancel property of the CancelEventArgs passed as a parameter to your event handler. If the form you are closing is the startup form of your application, your application ends.

    The two conditions when a form is not disposed on Close is when (1) it is part of a multiple-document interface (MDI) application, and the form is not visible; and (2) you have displayed the form using ShowDialog. In these cases, you will need to call Dispose manually to mark all of the form's controls for garbage collection.


    Please find the URL below:

    Please correct me if my concept is wrong.

    Hope this help.

    2008年10月9日 15:05