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    I'm a newbie in programming and need some help.

    I need to make an application in VB.net which wiil capture remote screen. A type of client-server application.

    Can any body write me a short how to with samples how to do it??




    2008年10月7日 17:53



  • Well, first at all, you have to seperate it into few smaller task,

    1) Capture Screen in client

    2) Save it into memory/file

    3) Send it to server.


    The following link is a very good example shown in C#, you may try to import Win32 API to do so, You could try to read it first, if you cannot understand C#, please tell me and I could convert it into VB for you.



    2008年10月8日 19:28
  • Or you can base on Ken's sample and compile as a DLL, then import in your VB program, you don't need to convert it from C# to VB then.

    Unless you need to change the source code. Wink


    enjoy the power of .net

    2008年10月10日 1:09

    Refer to this link I use it too. But I cann't understand for this code. Could you convert this code to VB ?




    MoonGray, Student from Thailand 

    2008年10月30日 13:12
  • Like I mention in the last post, once you compile as a DLL, import into your project


    under the code in your button click


    Code Snippet

    Dim screenCapture As Example ' The class name Example in this "Example"

    Dim filePath As String = "c:\abc.jpg"


    screenCapture.CaptureScreen(filePath, ImageFormat.Jpeg)





    2008年10月31日 1:20
  • Right now, I build that code to a DLL file. But I cannot import it for using in my solution.

    Could you compile the code into the DLL file ?

    Sorry for asking many times.

    2008年10月31日 10:02
  • Dim isCompileSuccess As Boolean = DllProject.CompileTheCodeIntoDll()


    If Not isCompileSuccess Then

      If DllProject.Language = VB Then

        DllProject.Language = C#


        isCompileSuccess = DllProject.CompileTheCodeIntoDll()

      End If

    End If


    If (isCompileSuccess) Then




    End If



    Have Fun~

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    2008年11月1日 1:16