Sugestion to microsoft about hibernation feature RRS feed

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    i use windows ultimate on my hp pavilion notebook computer.

    due to a bad design of the power cable, sometimes, the cable is loosen and the computer starts to run on battery instead of ac power without me knowing it.

    so when the battery runs out, while i am using the computer, windows would suddenly shutdown to hibernation without any warning to me.


    i hope microsoft can revise this design so that when the hibernation kicks off due to battery running out, the computer should make some beeps, and display a 10 second count down message on primary and secondary display so that i have time to prepare for this change (eg, checking the power cable/power supply) especially since i watch the secondary display on a larger screen mainly and therefore often cannot see the small icons on the task bar on the primary display.

    2008年12月21日 6:17