2 Broadbands RRS feed

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  • My company has subscribed 2 Internet Service Providers, one is PCCW (6M/640K) located at 2/F and the other as "backup" HGC (10m/10m) located at 4/F that both modems for IP configuration are set to the same setting with automatic IP distribution.

    Two Cat-5 cables are hooked to PCCW router at 2/F for 2 computer users.  One is extendable for use at 2/F , and the other cable is extended to 4/F where a 24 ports switch is connected for multi computer users.

    Since the PCCW signal is being deployed in the 24 ports switch, I wonder if the HGC cable is also attached to one of the switch slot.  Result seemed all right.

    However that a finding was found, HGC [stronger band width] took over all the internet surfing (meaning 2/F and 4/F computer users were using HGC service).

    Kindly advise possible implication to the computer users at 2/F and 4/F.

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    2010年12月6日 9:03


  • For me, I will add a fiber to connect 4/F and 2/F, using HGC only, not Both ISP

    u do not need to care abt using both the ISP

    But u need to buy some extra equipments can support fibers~~~



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    2010年12月7日 2:31