" Windows 找不到檔案或項目 C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tools\DelFolders.exe 。請檢查鍵入的名稱是否正確,再試一次。要搜尋檔案,請按「開始」按鈕,然後按「搜尋」。" RRS feed

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  • After re-installing the Window for 2 times, there is always a window pops up when I turn on the computer.


    The pop-up says : " Windows 找不到檔案或項目 C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tools\DelFolders.exe 。請檢查鍵入的名稱是否正確,再試一次。要搜尋檔案,請按「開始」按鈕,然後按「搜尋」。"


    I have to press the "確定" button and then the desktop icons pops up.


    It is annoying and please see what can be done to eliminate this pop-up.



    2010年6月1日 6:30


  • Hi Fred,

    Maybe you can try to click "Start"->"Run"-> Type "msconfig" and Press "Enter"

    Then you should see the msconfig console. then click on "Start Up", "Tools" or "Services" to see if there anything related with "DelFolder.exe", if you I guess you can un-tick that and click "OK" to save you settings. Or check if you have "DelFolder.exe" on your "Start"->"All Programs"->"Startup" folder

    For more information, maybe you can have a look at the URL below, they has similar issue.


    Please forgive me if I-mis-understood your issue.

    2010年6月1日 8:55
  • Dear Chi,

    Thanks for feedback.

    The "DelFolder.exe" neither exists in the msconfig console nor the "Startup" folder.

    I have also tried this which is recommended in the URL given by you : 开始——运行:regedit——编辑——查找:DelFolders.exe ——将找到的键值删除,按F3,继续查找、删除,直至全部删除. I had deleted the DelFolders.exe and start again the computer.....................problem still exists !

    Are there any other solutions ?



    2010年6月1日 9:58
  • Hi Fred,

    Do you have a file called "Reboot.exe" inside your "startup" folder?

    if so, could you try to remove that as well.

    the following URL has similar issue as well



    Hope this can help.

    Good luck

    2010年6月1日 10:10
  • Hi! Bro, tried to see "Startup" in windows folder?

    Seems that it is startup calls to execute it to delete some stuffs in your system~~~


    If not, it seems that it is a .bat to call some program to do it

    It needs to investigate the startup list and others for it!

    MCPD .Net, CCNP Love programming, but not an IT Guy Haha! :D
    2010年6月2日 3:16