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  • I find Vista handicap in this arrangement. I can associate an extension with a program. But if I did it wrongly, I cannot un-assign the association to none in the Control Panel - Default Programs - Associate File Extension. What should I do?
    2008年5月26日 16:20




    i hope below steps can help you

    1. Right Click your traget file extension file

    2. Select "Open With"

    3. Select "Chose Default Program"

    4. Chose your default program

    5. Make sure selected the check box "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"


    2008年5月27日 1:37
  • Thanks for your suggestion, although it is useless!

    I asked "un-assign" not "re-assign". For example, I accidentially assigned ".001" to WinZip, but I found it should not be associated with any program. How can I restore that file extension back in its initial state, i.e. assign to no program?
    2008年5月27日 1:47

    you can try to del the assocatied registry as follow


    1. Run "regedit"

    2. Registry "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" e.g. is .001

    3. del the ".001" folder



    Before del the associated registry, Please export the registry for backup


    2008年5月27日 3:34
  • With Vista, you can only associate file types, but you cannot unassociate a file type directly.


    In order to remove a user-specific file type association in Windows Vista, you can use a freeware called Unassoc (v1.3) for Windows Vista.


    === For more information ===

    ~ An utility to unassociate file types in Windows Vista


    2008年5月27日 6:22