vista sp2 更新时出现了80070002的问题(有经验的麻烦帮帮忙) RRS feed

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  • 1.我的Vista是正版的,通过验证的
    2.我用过windows update更新,360更新

    OS 版本:          6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
     %SYSTEMROOT%\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log 文件找不到,此文件夹下只有CBS.log及CBS.persist.log两个文件

    2009年9月17日 13:55


  • Well for 80070002 problem

    Found some info for this error~~~

    But I am thinking your meaning on "360 Update", it is Chinese AntiVirus? If yes, uninstall it and try again...

    Because when u tried to install Service Packs, normally, it will prompt u to disable any antivirus and problem

    before u continue, u do it?

    And the remaining problem...

    Think that is becase of Antivirus 360...

    Hope that it can help u~~~

    MCPD .Net, CCNP Love programming, but not an IT Guy Haha! :D
    2010年5月26日 6:44
  • such a long time ago, anyway, thank you for your answer. I re-install my vista in Oct 1st, it just drive me crazy that time. I hope will never meet it again. 

    2010年5月26日 7:09