How to install windows xp (not with sp1 or sp2 or sp3 is original) with E8600.... it keep display blue screen RRS feed

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  • How to install windows xp (not with sp1 or sp2 or sp3 is original) with E8600.... it keep display blue screen

    2009年1月5日 7:22



  • Download SP from MS web site (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results.aspx?freetext=%22Windows%20XP%22%20%22Service%20Pack%22%20%22IT%20Professionals%22&productID=&categoryId=&period=&sortCriteria=date&nr=20&DisplayLang=en) and double-click then install it.


    What service pack you try to install? 1, 2 or 3?

    What is blue screen error code? E.g. 0x80001234.

    2009年1月5日 8:59

    hm..... im not installing the service pack, im installing windows but..... my installation disk is xp only not included any service pack.... so it display a blue screen..... and as I know.... that version only support single core CPU ..... what can I do......
    2009年1月5日 11:20
  • Hi,


    You have to slipstream the Windows XP SP3 and burn the CD by media. To do that, you have to get a PC with CD writer, and do the following:




    Hope this helps.

    2009年1月5日 14:05
  • Im not getting problem with installing any SP im installing Windows XP OS with a new hard disk and the version is the "oldest" version of XP didnt contain any SP so when installing Windows after is scan all hardware it will display a blue screen (still same with press F6 to select hardware) and that version is not support multi core, then what can I do with it.

    2009年1月6日 4:21
  • Windows XP maximum supports 2x Cores CPU, no matter with or without SP. E8600 is 2x Cores CPU so Windows XP should support this CPU model. If CPU compatibility issue, it should show on Windows boot-up screen.


    Is any error showed on blue screen (i.e. 0x00080000, most error code indicates error related to software, hardware or other etc)? Is it hardware incompatible with Windows XP (PCI crad or Video cam etc ) or failure (i.e. RAM or hard drive hardware failure etc)? And do you have other Windows XP or Vista trail CD for testing?


    BTW, what is your PC model and do you update firmware to latest version?

    2009年1月6日 4:45
  • I tested by other version of xp..... its work with sp2 but it not the copyright copies so thats not the hardware problem and I search through internet found my setup disc version is not support my cpu...............

    why i said not support my cpu coz I use the error code search over internet........ if u need the error code I can try it when I back home......

    2009年1月6日 5:23
  • Please follow my procedure to create a Windows XP CD with Service pack. You can then using this disk to install the E8600 with this CD.


    2009年1月6日 15:34
  • Oh thx a lot, I will try it this weekend.

    2009年1月7日 2:07