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  • So quite in C# Forum.


    Seems there has many resource you can find on internet in C#, may be we can host a section to convert C# to VB or VB to C# to increase the resources in both language.


    What do you think?


    Please comment.

    2008年9月24日 8:00


  • Great Idea = ).

    Do you mean to develop an engine to convert VB to C# or C# to VB? Could you explain a bit more = ).
    Please forgive me if I mid-understood you.

    2008年9月24日 8:29
  • no... not that large Big Smile


    Just create a "Forum Section" to post some converted function with orginal code and website/book reference.


    Since not much people will do same thing with MSDN provided VB, C# and C++ Code in their article, and some function we really need it, then let's convert and post in somewhere to share.


    If we cannot do it here, see if anyone interested, I can open a section in my website, let's do it!



    2008年9月25日 1:58
  • Hi Jacky,

    Yeah, that is a good idea. Sometime I always find some good article which is written on C++. Then I just ignore it, as I do not know much about C++, so I assume I may not be able to use the code from that Article anywhere else.  (Actually, I am not sure if the stuff that people can do on C++ can be done on VB/C# as well). If we can, I think it is good to do it = ). It could help people like me to learn more function as well. haha.

    Thanks for your good idea.
    2008年9月25日 13:20
  • Yeah~~


    Thanks for supporting!!!

    2008年9月26日 1:29
  • Well.....I still don't understand.....what exactly you mean.


    2008年10月8日 19:21
  • Ken, my english is that worst???


    2008年10月10日 0:40
  • You mean having a new forum section on "C#<-->VB"?

    2008年10月13日 2:32