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    This is my first time to join this event, I'm very happy to share my experience in these days!


    The following are the good sessions of the Microsoft TechEd 2008: 


    Day 1


    The Opening Keynote --- The Presenters explanation of the Microsoft new technologies are very professional and the Microsoft Surface technology it makes me excited! In this demostration, I think this technology can be applied to many industry for different purpose, such as mecdical industry and design industry.


    SCE372 (Windows Security Boundaries) --- In this session, Mr. Mark Russnovich is introduced the security issues of Windows products, very well-presentaion skills to talk what things should be concern in different security settings and affections for Windows.


    MGT362 (Bad Situation-Good Results: Operations Manager High Availability and Disaster Recovery) --- The MVP Speakers, Mr. Lawrence Tse has explained the HD and DR strategies how to considerate and applied to the suitable environment and use some case studies and his experience to explain that, very detail and provide the recommendations for the listeners for their future reference, very good!


    HOL134 (Hands-on Lab - Management Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 Using Group Policy) --- The MCT has shared how to management the group policy for different user's environment, it makes the IT Professionals understood how to apply the policy to restrict the users to prevent the risks and manage the different operations environment, the practical is very useful for me!


    Day 2


    SVR373 (Key Change in Microsoft Internet Information Service 7.0) --- Mr. David Lowe is very detail to introduced the difference between the old IIS Service and what new kind service functions are avaliable. On the other hand, the demostrations are very good, to share the configuration experiences and explanations to us, it helps me to understood the knowledage and fulfill my job duties for daily operations.


    DEV206 (Messagng, Identify, and Workflow in Cloud) --- This is an interesting topic to know the BizTalk Server products and the demostrations are very funny, very good introduction!!


    HOL215 (Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation) --- In this Hand-on Lab, it makes me how to deploy the workflow functions by Microsoft Visual Sudio 2008, the MCT has very helpful to taught and demostrated the procedures to help all listeners to completed the Lab successfully!


    Day 3


    HOL321 (Microsoft Office SharePoit Server 2007 installation and Configuration) --- Ms Office SharePoint Server 2007 is my interesting topic and wants to learn the configuration skills knowledage. In this Hands-on lab, the MCT has explained and shown the procedures for setup the SharePoint Server, very useful, it makes everyone to improve and reduce the time for configuration, very good!


    SVR331 (The First Microsoft Server for Home and Home-based Business) --- This session it makes me very happy to know how to setup the Ms Windows Home Server at home and in the company to share the resources for daily use, very funny!


    DEV304 (Building Rich Internet Applcations Using Microsoft Silverlight 2) ---- I'm very satisfied the speakers - Mr. Harris Chan to demostrated the techniques of Silverlight, Expression Studio 2 and Visual Studio 2008 to IT Designers and Developers to easy to develop the website and other powerful functions to improves the website environment, excellent!


    Many gifts for everyone and the arrangements of this event also are very good!


    I hope the TechEd2009 could be provide more and more different kind sessions for the IT Professionals, to learn more technical and business information for facing the future challenges in the IT industry, thank you!!






    2008年10月10日 15:44


  • That's our honor that our valuable audiences like you are satisfied.  BTW, thank you for attending my sessions.

    2008年10月13日 8:00
  • Hi Alan,


    This is Eleanor, event manager from Microsoft Hong Kong, who organized Tech•Ed 2008 .


    Thank you for your feedback to Tech•Ed 2008, we’re please to inform you that you has won a Microsoft Laser Desktop 7000Please kindly provide me your registration ID and I will contact you for the gift delivery arrangement. 










    2008年10月20日 7:01
  • wowowow....so good....


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