Wi-fi access at the HKCEC RRS feed

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  • Why the TechEd not setting up AP in the internet zone, and providing free internet access, instead of paying deposit of $500 to use 1010 3G (frankly speaking, it is just a 7.2Mb wireless network, not the lattest technology provided by 1010)?

    and, this site could not connect to PCCW wifi, a bit disappointed.

    registration ID: TD062209P
    Register name: sk ho.
    2009年11月2日 7:16


  • Hi Shkhosiu
    Thank you very much with your feedback.
    Both Wi-Fi network and 1010 3g are available at the Techdays 2009 Wi-Fi zone now, please contact our staff for more details.

    2009年11月3日 6:18