extremely slow performance copying files from mobile phone via bluetooth to windows 7 RRS feed

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  • i can copy 1 photo file from my nokia phone to windows 7 (new model notebook with all latest updates) normally, it takes 1-2 seconds. however, when i highlight all 140 files in the nokia phone folder to paste into windows 7 explorer folder, the speed indicates it is about 96kbps, and it takes forever (est 350 minutes) to copy anything.

    after a long time, it pops up a dialog saying operation time out, and the whole copy operation is dead.

    can microsoft do something to the bulk copy algorithm, so that maybe i see more files individually copied in such circumstance? (such as copying files 1 by 1 so there may not be a huge buffer overrun etc, and any remedies to save the copy operation or dump log so that if copy is disrupted it can be resumed?)

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  • Hi,

    The Bluetooth driver is provided by manufacturer so that we cannot do more actually. I suggest updating the Bluetooth driver to latest version, if still no go, try to contact manufacturer for help.

    Juke Chou

    TechNet Community Support

    2012年7月16日 8:34