Programatically Controlling Cursor Location in New Outlook E-Mail RRS feed

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    I am using a mailto: hyperlink to open an e-mail (from Excel) with e-mail address, subject and body text specified.  The body text is a salutation (i.e, Dear Mr. XXXX,). However, when the e-mail opens, the cursor location is in the upper left hand corner of the meassage box, i.e., to the left of where the "Dear Mr. XXXX," is inserted.  If the user begins typing, the salutation would be to the right of the insertion point.


    Is the a way to insert instructions on the mailto: hyperlink code to place the cursor on a new line where the new message would begin?  The action needed is something like a Ctrl-End & CrLf.  I have used the hex %0d0a which does put a CrLf in and I can add a second line of text.  But even with a second line of text, the cursor remains in the top left hand corner of the message box.


    Thanks all.


    Windows XP Pro SP3

    Outlook 2003 SP3

    Excel 2003 SP3





    2008年8月28日 14:34


  • Hi Simon,


    The mailto link is the basic HTML element that activate your email client to send out email. You can populate the fields according to the mailto syntax. The hex code you input depends on how your email client interpret the message body, where I don't think you can add the property of cursor location in the mailto link.




    2008年8月30日 3:25