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  • The overall event are good.  Lots of information.  I like the TechEd 2008 bag very much.  

    If there is a closing session at the last day, just like last year, then it become much more complete. 

    2008年10月10日 4:33


  • The talk in Day 1 is boring. Some topic is good but some are not useful.

    2008年10月10日 5:00
  • It is a good event to allow IT professionals to have a chance to stay away from the business and listen to the experts to talk about different Microsoft technologies. It is definitely a "must-go" event for IT folks. The event is well managed and organizer emphasized the importance to provide feedback for every session. This is a good way to review how good each session has been done. However, the event can be further improved with:


    1. Provide channels and information for audience to follow up with what they have learnt especially after each presentation. Speakers should emphasize it at the end of the presentation.


    2. It will be better if the format of the presentation is more interactive. I found most of the session was just sitting and listen. Speaker should encourage more interactions between audiences and himself.


    3. The venue is too small to hold the scale of conference like this. It will be better if we can centralize all the meeting rooms in one floor. Also, the both for coffee break should not be set up in the middle of the high traffic corridor.


    Lastly, I think the event evaluation should include how good the MS staffs have been doing to faciliate the event. I found they were very professional and helpful during the event.


    Lawrence Law (TE032081P)

    2008年10月10日 5:20
  • While I understand that it's not easy to reserve a large space for conference in Hong Kong these days, I agree with Lawrence that seperating it into 4th and 6th floors is a bit inconvenient.  Other than that I have been enjoying very much of all setup and conference that I attended these 3 days.


    For the vendor partners, it would be nice if there are more vendors involved in different days, or different content from the same vendor.


    2008年10月10日 5:31
  • Yea, we understand the venue in HKCEC is quite limited.  We have thought of host Tech Ed in Asia World Expo but worry that will be too far.  What do you all think?





    2008年10月10日 7:38

    This is great.
    2008年10月10日 8:00
  • It is a great event

    2008年10月10日 8:06
  • It is great.


    2008年10月10日 8:08
  • The overall arrangement is good. The speakers are all professional. Look forward to visit again in Tech-Ef 2009.




    2008年10月10日 8:22

    It's it great.

    Angus Gurung


    2008年10月10日 8:36
  • Yeah, Asia World Expo will be a bit far. May be you can do a polling for the venue in preparation for the event of next year?




    2008年10月10日 12:24
  • Over my dead body! That place is way too far and the transportation fees will be too costly for everyone. Not to mention the time wasted. Pls stay at HKCEC.

    2008年10月18日 4:28