wlk1.4 testing for unclass driver on windows xp OS RRS feed

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  • Hello everybody:
        I have used wlk1.4 to create DTM submission for windows unclassify driver, but meet some strange problems:
    1) Register dlls fail when install WDTF;
    2)Set RTC, including enable AC RTC and enable DC RTC fail;
    3)At the end of sleep_with_i0.wsf test,test script pauses 7 minutes to wait network come back, and then destructs the WDTF object. While, system enter   
         into hibernate when the script destructs the WDTF object.
    4) DTM server list all sevice items of one inf files as different devnodes. Which devnode could be selected as testing device.  

    Thank you!
    2009年7月6日 8:56