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  • Hi

    I am wondering if it is possible to deploy/publish/run a VB.Net application without the need to install it?

    I knew that you can do that on VB6. but not sure how to do it on .NET.

    Many thanks
    2008年8月19日 7:40


  • Hi Chi,


    Since it is a VB.NET post so I move it to VB.NET forum from Visual Studio forum.


    Back to your question, have you try the "ClickOnce" deployment for your VB.NET app?

    Start the Application from the Web or a Network Share

    This strategy is similar to the first, except the application behaves like a Web application. When the user clicks a link on a Web page (or double-clicks an icon on the file share), the application is started. When users close the application, it is no longer available on their local computer; nothing is added to the Start menu or the Add/Remove Programs group in the Control Panel.


    FYI: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/71baz9ah(VS.80).aspx





    2008年8月19日 15:59