Feedback of TechNet Academy - Updating Your SQL Server 2005 Skills to SQL Server 2008 RRS feed

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  • Just personal opinion.


    I attended 3 lectures. The content is good but Raymond drilled down the details too much. He repeated same things again and again. He said one time at the beginning of the lecture, then another time in the slide detail, and then in the demos. Indeed he could use fewer words to present the same idea. I would be happier if he could tell only once when he did his demos. Besides he sometimes spent too much time on the areas where most people might not be interested, like spatial coordinates, I guess most people won't use that. He went thru very detail in the slides then again in the demos (statement by statement in his SQL script).


    Anyway, just my feedback. Thanks.

    2008年11月19日 1:18


  • I would like to thank Raymond that he always brief us the topics that will covered in each session at the very beginning and visualize the concepts through the demonstrations.  Since I am not very familiar with SQL Server 2005 (the seminar is about updating skills from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008), I appreciate his effort in explaining several basic concepts from SQL Server 2005 so that I have more knowledge on the features offered by SQL Server 2005/2008 and I don't think that the presentation is being drilled down to much for me.


    On the other hand, I think that the seminar can be longer in terms of number of sessions so that Raymond can have more time in sharing his experience with us. 


    Thanks Microsoft to organize this event to us.

    2008年11月19日 5:00