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  • I got Vista Ultimate English SP1 and know it supports speech recognition. On the Microsoft website, it also indicated Vista supports speech recognition for Simplified Chinese.

    The question is how to enable speech recognition for Simplified Chinese in my English Vista installation? Also official Microsoft speech recognition for Traditional Chinese is missing. I hope Microsoft can release cantonese support for this feature, especially since my penpower product that supports cantonese speech input does not work anymore under vista (it only works under XP due to a version of agent based on IBM via voice)

    2008年10月20日 11:57


  • Hi Lenny

    I think the Traditional Chinese is already supported.

    The following Article maybe able to solve your question.
    It said "The Windows Speech Recognition language must be the same as the operating system language in Windows Vista"
    which mean you would need to installed a Language pack and change the OS's language. in this case you would need to install the language pack for Simplified/Traditional Chinese. And you would need to use Windows Update to download the language pack.
    Please read the URL below for more information.

    I would love to have Cantonese support as well.  = )

    Please forgive me if I mis-understood your issue.
    Hope this can help.

    2008年10月20日 12:45

    yes i have the language packs downloaded and i believe that is how i switch to mandarin voice recognition in simplified chinese.

    however, if you see http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/vista/Vista_Language_Support.mspx it officially states that cantonese or traditional chinese voice recognition is NOT supported. this is the part i feel let down by microsoft, because vista broke my cantonese input product and now i dont know what to do. if i install the penpower cantonese voice software, it will fail and render the whole vista unbootable even in safe mode! (fortunately i spent hours to rescue myself out of the situation). and vista also broke my favourite cantonese keyboard input software. my only way around this is to use www.cantoneseinput.com while im online. i bought other chinese input software compatible with vista but i still dont like their methods. why doesn't microsoft hear my voice about what hongkong people want? i felt microsoft hong kong has not done enough to petition for our basic needs - an easy way to input our language!!! gosh, it is year 2008!!! i don't care about changing interface and having to relearn everything that microsoft changes. i want something that works!!!!

    2008年10月20日 14:26

    as a result of discussion with william wong of emv association, i wish someone at microsoft can look into our issue.

    as i mentioned that the cantonese penpower product is broken in vista, and the cantonese input method keyboard ime is also broken in vista, and there is no speech recognition for trad chinese in vista, it creates a large problem for everyone that needs this feature especially those disabled people in hong kong. what i feel is feasible and look forward to microsoft helping us is to make speech recognition (whether english or chinese language based) recognise only the letters A-Z and have the ability to press the language input selector on the taskbar, so that a disabled user can just utter the letters that form the input of a chinese character using any kind of input method (eg quick, changjei, cantonese) to allow for accurate typing of chinese words under vista.

    thank you for your attention!

    2008年10月22日 4:41