How to change Word 2007 user name RRS feed

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  • Hello

    I known here is not for office, but I don't know where I can post this question.


    Thanks !

    2010年5月27日 3:59


  • Hi Leiw

    You can change you Office User Name by doing the following:

    1) Click on the top right Office Icon [normally beside the "Save button"]

    2) Click on the "Word Options" button [on the bottom right hand side of the menu <- after you click on the office icon]

    3) Click on the "Popular" Section then you should be able to see it has a section called "Peronalize your copy of Microsoft Office

    You should be able to change your User name there.

    Please forgive me If I mis-understood your questions.

    2010年5月27日 5:42
  • Open Word ==> Tools ==> Option ==> User Information

    Then If u changed it, u can save the publisher's information for every files

    But for produced file?

    u can right click of the file then property ==> Information

    Edit the information for the file~~~

    Hope that it can help~~~

    MCPD .Net, CCNP Love programming, but not an IT Guy Haha! :D
    2010年5月27日 6:15