Great Demo work and feel the Surface for the first time love it RRS feed

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  • This year TechEd is good in technical aspects. Because Mark is here the guy from sysinternals. He is very good at analyse the windows operation down to system level.He created some great tools to do the jobs and I found it very useful and well educated with the method he told how to analyse a crash in the Windows system.


    He also is the only one speaker has use his own tools ZoomIt to do the demo work. As we all know watch the screen with normal operation is very hard. The characters are some small even you sit near the screen you can hardly see it clearly and the projector can be out of focused. With the help of his great tool, this is the first time I can watch details on the screen with the demo work carry out. Great tools from Mark.


    I think this year doesn't have a closing keynote. But the opening one is good with Surface, hyperV are in the demo session and it works very smoothly.


    Also I finally can touch the Surface table, I only read about it on the news and watch it  on YouTube. This time I can feel it and play it around. The feeling is very good, the touch mechanism design is very good and smooth. I wish I could have one in my office.


    Well this year TechEd is OK, but with some disappointment in snacks and drinks. Anyway keep up the good work and see you in next year.




    2008年10月10日 1:33