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  • It's really hard to ask any company to give you 3-days paid leave... and it's also very demanding for any individual to take 3-days annual leave of a typical 11-days annual leave grant a year.  The topics I like are scattered over each day and once I missed a day I missed the information I want.  Eventhough the presentations are going to get posted online, and not sure.. but even if the whole presentation (video) will get posted, it's hard for me to take anytime out from a typical work day or even after work (if I do get off) to watch the video.  In short, I must be physically atthe presentation or at least at the venue.


    Therefore, it'd be better if sessions can either be replicated or some facilities (some booths in a quiet area with headphones) at the venu so that we can view any presentation video happening in the previous day(s).

    2008年10月10日 4:35