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  • the 64 bit ie9 installed on my system just couldn't show webpages encode in flash properly. i have adobe flash player "square" installed and the ie9 still staying out of it's work. anyone helps? many thanx!

    2011年3月18日 15:55


  • HI,

    I am using 64bit window too. it works fine for me...

    Could you have a look on your IE9 Settings to see if you have enabled the "Shock wave Flash Object" add-on


     Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Select "all add-ons"

    See if there are anything related with Flash is enabled.

    Please correct me if my concept is wrong

    2011年4月3日 11:46
  • Hi, Does your 32-bit browser work with Flash player correctly?

    FYI: Flash Player | 64-bit operating systems

    2011年7月1日 8:05