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  • Hi!

    I'd like to build my own Windows Home Server, and want to purchase a licence of Windows Home Server 2011 OEM from Hong Kong. I could find the version 1 in stores like Centralfield in Sham Shui Po, but they don't have (yet?) the 2011 v2 version (code-named "Vail"). Is it available in Hong Kong and if yes, where can I purchase it (or get more information on where to get it)?
    Thank you!

    PS: I do not have a MSDN or TechNet subscription.

    2011年7月25日 2:46


  • You could try to call the Microsoft Sales service in HK

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    2012年4月30日 3:28
  • Hi KenLin

    I did send them an email, and a Customer Service Representative replied with very "automated" answers. I finally managed to get that representative on the phone, and he said they do not know which retailers have the product. As I was not even sure the product was being distributed in Hong Kong at that time, they told me they would send me a list (or a link to a list) of products being officially sold/distributed in Hong Kong. I have never received such list and, to add insult to injuries, I received some more of the same "automated" emails (for trying to close the case number).

    I gave up, went online and bought a brand new Leo server from Tranquil PC from the UK, which included the needed OS. I'm not sure I can find WHS11 on the market nowadays as I am not looking for it anymore.

    Too bad Windows Home Server 2011 is not being promoted in Hong Kong, even when dealing directly with Microsoft... Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for Windows Server 2012 Home Edition then.

    Thank you for trying to help me.


    PS: there's a trojan being served from your extinct blog http://www.coltkwong.com/blogs/kenlin, you might want to tidy up your old links (followed from "My blog in HK" on this page: http://msmvps.com/blogs/kenlin/default.aspx). Thanks!


    2012年4月30日 4:46