How to look up each Excel workbook raw in another. RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I'm wondering which platform or programming method is suitable for my usage, Excel VBA, Access VBA or SQL query, even Sharepoint Server feature?

    I have to look up each agent record of Excel workbook A in workbook B for the corresponding customer detail.
    Below is the column lists of workbook A and B. The columns of Workbook A is a sub-set of the columns of Workbook B which have the same names.

    Workbook A columns (has around 500 raws):
    Day, Agent name, Agent performance;

    Workbook B columns (has around 5000 raws):
    Day, Agent name, Record ID, Customer record.

    Appreciate you can provide any sample code, or any suggestion of a certain programming Function.

    Thanks a lot.

    2010年5月1日 上午 12:42


  • Prefer to use simple VBA Excel

    which can do it efficiently~~~


    MCPD .Net, CCNP Love programming, but not an IT Guy Haha! :D
    2010年5月28日 上午 08:01