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  • 雖然這問題之前已經發問過, 但未能解決, 亦因一些原因 工作被延期置今

    本人欲廢棄2台舊的Windows 2000 Server (下稱2000A 及 2000B)

    所以需要將整個AD轉移至新的Windows 2003 Server R2 (下稱2003R2) 及 Windows 2008 Server R2(下稱2008R2)

    本人已分別於2000A, 2000B上成功完成了

    1. adprep.exe /forestprep
    2. adprep.exe /domainprep
    3. adprep.exe /domainprep /gpprep
    4. adprep.exe /rodcprep

    但在2003R2 及 2008R2 執行dcpromo時


    The operation failed because:

    A domain controller could not be contacted for the domain domain.edu.hk that contained an account for this computer. Make the computer a member of a workgroup then rejoin the domain before retrying the promotion.

    "Access is denied."



    The operation failed because:

    The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard was unable to convert the computer account (2003R2 / 2008R2 的server名)$ to an Active Directory Domain Controller account.

    "Access is denied."


    2003R2, 2008R2 已經加入domain

    但角色都是Workstation or server, 並不能更變成Domain Controller

    即使加了為Domain Controller成員組也不能

    而且不能勾選Trush computer for delegation


    請問, 究竟複製AD是需要一個怎麼的帳號, 或是需要一個有什麼權限的帳號?

    本人暫時試過 Administrators, DNS Admins, Backup Admin, Domain Adminis, Enterprose Adminis, Scherma Admins

    單一權限的, 有以上所列全部權限的 都試過了


    2011年4月11日 上午 01:59


  • Dear Customer,


    Thank you for posting here.


    To isolate the problem, You may try the following suggestions to get rid of this problem:


    1). Metadata cleanup the child Domain.
    2). Force demote the DC.
    3). Clean the DNS record and remained record in AD Sites and Services for DC.

    The following are some useful online articles for your reference:
    Orphaned child domain controller information may not be replicated to other Windows 2000 Server-based domain controllers

    Hope this helps! If you have further concern, feel free to let me know. Have a great day!


    Best Regards

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    Tom Zhang – MSFT
    2011年4月15日 上午 09:50