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  • Bug report for version 1.0.0013 in EditCase.aspx: if a knowledge base article is attached to a case/incident in CRM, the EditCase.aspx page throws an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object, line 93. Also, Case.KBArticleId does not resolve to a string, and the default path on the sample website is /knowledge-base/ not /kb/ ...

    This is what I used instead (starting at line 78):

    if (Case.subject_incidents != null)
        SubjectLabel.Text = "| Subject: " + Case.subject_incidents.Title;
    if (Case.KbArticleId != null)
        KB.Text = "<p>Please see the following KB article: <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"/knowledge-base/article?id=" +
            Case.kbarticle_incidents.Id + "\">" +
            Case.kbarticle_incidents.Title + "</a></p>";
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