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  • I am upgrading the windows 2000 server to 2003 server. I put the CD to the 2000 server and select upgrade. Then I input the product key for 2003 server. But after copying the files and begin to install, it asked the product key again. I input the same product key for 2003 server. However, it showed that the product key is incorrect. I could not interrupt the upgrade process because I could only select "Previous step" or "Next step". When select "Next step", it prompted incorrect product key. When select "Previous Step", it only show the "Next step" button and the "X" to close the window is dim. What should i do ?
    2010年4月27日 上午 04:58


  • The server is a domain controller.  Is there any special issue to cater for ?
    2010年4月27日 上午 06:34
  • Is your product key is Windows 2003 Server? Is the old 2000 Server and the new Windows 2003 server have the same level (Standard vs Standard)?
    2010年4月28日 上午 06:09
  • yes, both are standard edition.  And both are traditional chinese version.
    2010年4月28日 上午 07:12
  • 會唔會係叫你入server 2000 的key./??
    2010年4月28日 上午 07:20
  • I have tried to input the key for Windows 2000 server.  But it still prompted that the key is not valid.
    2010年4月28日 上午 07:36
  • Where did you get your key and your DVD?


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    2010年5月5日 上午 07:08