Webpage display problem RRS feed



  • Hi Andrew

    Could you provide a screen shot on what do you mean "some of us could not view below link"?
    E.g. the page cannot be loaded or it takes quite a long time to load the page (if so try to press CTRL + F5)[I have this problem when I load up the page on IE7, but it works smoothly on FireFox]? or you cannot see part of the page only?

    Do you have Flash Player installed on your computer and enabled Javascript?

    Please forgive me if I mis-understood your question.

    Hope this can help.

    2009年3月28日 上午 07:50
  • I guess you need to install flash player 10 in order can view this page.
    • 已標示為解答 AndrewWong 2009年3月30日 上午 07:48
    2009年3月28日 下午 01:26