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    小弟最近接到公司的命令說要出將近一百台的電腦主機都要使用Windows XP Embedded OS,而這一些電腦都是同機種與同機型的,所以小弟打算Build好一個image檔再GHOST到其它的電腦。
    但是如果使用GHOST到其它台電腦之後,所有的Run Time license的序號就全部都相同,不知道是否有前輩能夠解決這類的問題?
    總不能夠要小弟為了一百個Run Time license而Build一百次OS吧!!!!
    2009年7月24日 上午 03:55


  • Hello Jamie,

    To reproduce and distribute Windows XP Embedded, you must acquire one (1) Windows XP Embedded run-time image license for each computing device or system that incorporates the Windows XP Embedded operating system. You can create a 90 to 180 day evaluation-only version of your run-time image without run-time image license. And then you can find a way to resolve again.

    Or you can contact the supplier of the license.

    You can visit the following website to get more information about run-time image license.
    Microsoft Online Community Support
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    2009年7月27日 上午 02:22